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Date of Visit:07/06/18
Time of Visit:3pm
Spent time:2hours
Her level of service:8 out of 10
General comments:Miki is a beautiful, very pretty petite blonde, tight body, with sun-kissed tan. Good English, lovely smile and chatty personality. An unusually very close resemblance to the profile photos. Tactile, generous with her kisses and offering some real subtle sweet touches. I’ve visited twice already and can’t wait to visit again. Next time will take out for an evening of fun because she is really great company. I’ve been with quite a few girls (and I’m not much to look at) and she is the best; I know it’s an abused cliche, but I mean it. First time in a long-while a kiss has given me spine tingling feeling (and the sex felt very natural also). She really should be charging more. Unfortunately she returns home in July. Had a lovely time, recommended!

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