10 Best Summer Holiday Islands In Europe

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10 Best Summer Holiday Islands In Europe


From the best romantic sunsets in Santorini to embracing chilled out vibes in Ibiza, a guide to the very best of the European Islands. Because summer is here!


Santorini, Greece 

The most stunning 360-Degree views! Serene, blue skies meet glistening white buildings, surrounded by seemingly never-ending water. Make your way to the northern part of Santorini in the late afternoon, you'll catch one of the most truly memorable sunsets. Don't miss out on delicious local cuisine, try their local white wine and avoid crowds, by booking a dreamy hotel with a plunge pool so you'll never need to leave your own private oasis! 


Ibiza, Spain

Despite being known as a party destination, Ibiza is one of the most beautiful and romantic islands of Europe. Think stunning spas, sunset dinners, beautiful blue water beaches and luxury resorts. So grab your partner's hand and explore this paradise on earth to make up a perfect lover's long weekend in Ibiza. 


Hvar, Croatia  

An island said to be the sunniest in all Europe! But there so much more to it than just vitamin D, try delicious local wine, explore hidden beach coves, find lavender fields and sleepy fishing villages, not even to mention all that buzz from the most romantic old town! You can also rent yourself a luxury boat and visit famous Carpe Diem beach in Stipanska island.


Sardinia, Italy 

Diverse and breath-taking, this beautiful and unspoilt island offers you translucent blue seas, white sandy beaches and vibrant old towns offering culture, history and a wealth of gastronomic delights. Without even thinking rent a boat, grab champagne and have a picnic in front of the most famous Sardinia caves- Cala Gonon. 


Corsica, France 

One of the Mediterranean's best-kept secrets with Caribbean-style beaches, rugged mountains and lush wilderness. Is an island heavily influenced by France and Italy, taking the best from both worlds. You will also find plenty luxury villas to choose from, make this the most private, romantic getaway. 


Orkney Islands, Scotland

There's no other place in the British Isles quite like it. One minute you can be wandering through one of the islands' bustling towns or villages, the next you're standing on the edge of a dramatic coastline with nothing but salty sea air and beautiful scenery for company. Try wild glamping, for truly unique experience. 


Azores, Portugal

Located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, perfect for nature lovers! Discover this Portuguese archipelago and check out their unique selection of small, romantic luxury

hotels, but make it an adventures getaway, with dolphin watching, lake swimming, stargazing, hiking and diving. This Island will make you fall in love with nature again. 


Mykonos, Greece  

It may be the notorious party island but also the most romantic destinations. You can find plenty romantic experiences like private dinners, sunset cruises, picnics and luxury spa treatments or visit idyllic, beautiful beaches. Mykonos Town has fantastic cocktail bars and nightlife venues. The Little Venice district is crowded in the summer but a captivating location where you'll find yourself "oohing and ahhing" in view of a romantic sunset.


Venice, Italy 

Venice is often labelled as one of the most romantic places in Europe, and is an excellent choice for a short break with your other half. With its dense archipelago of pastel palazzos and piazzas, all connected by winding canals busy with gondolas, Venice is something of an indisputable choice for romance.


Majorca, Spain

As far as idyllic romantic trips go, it would be hard to beat the island of Majorca - a veritable Garden of Eden - with its breathtakingly beautiful and varied landscape of citrus, almond and olive orchards, verdant forests and mountains, golden beaches, and hidden coves. Add in scrumptious local gastronomy, chic hotels, excellent shopping, and a vibrant nightlife in Palma City, and you have a winning romantic formula.


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