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Date of Visit:21/12
Time of Visit:8pm
Spent time:2 hours
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:Long Legged, slim figure, lovely black hair with light brown eyes, wearing matching bra/knickers with stockings underneath a long dark coat. Very Good English but with a sexy brazilian accent. Made an appointment to meet with Samara having loved the photos she had on the website. I was texted by Carol who passed on her address and once again was very cooperative with the messages with no delays in response and attended to my needs. Samara arrived at my hotel room on time wearing high heels and a long dark coat with just a little opening to see the top part of her amazing natural breasts. She truly looked stunning and I was turned on instantly with the thought of what was underneath the coat. We kissed gently whilst moving close to the bed where she sat me down to watch her slowly take off her coat and reveal her goddess of a body. Her thong left her ass cheeks bare and I groped them while she fumbled with my belt. She then sank to her knees and pulled my cock out. I was already growing hard but after a quick suck, Samara dragged me away from the bed towards the large mirror in the room before kneeling down and taking me in her mouth once again. It was great fun watching in the mirror as she sucked me hard. Leaning forward, I unclipped her bra and she shrugged it off. After removing my trousers and Samara taking off her heels, we moved back towards the bed where we lay kissing and groping one another. She then proceeded to give me vigorous blowjob, while I was able to reach over play with her clit. In a moment we were in full 69 with me on top and my cock deep in her mouth. We continued like this for a little and then straightened up as I really wanted to come. I rolled onto my back and ordered Samara between my legs. With a wicked grin on her face, she obliged and we started to fuck**. After changing into some of my favourite positions and with moans and groans of delight, I felt my spunk beginning to boil up. Pulling out, she grabbed my cock against her breasts and I exploded. She held me there as my body shuddered and shook my cock, favouring me with her naughty grin before skipping off to the bathroom for a quick clean up. We cuddled, kissed and talked for a short while before it was time for Samara to leave. Still with wobbly knees, I stumbled towards the door and we sadly kissed goodbye. Another spectacular experience with Mega Models with a spectacular young lady. I’ve been with lots of girls but have yet to be let down with this agency. Samara is my favourite so far and definitely recommended. She is very professional, energetic and attentive to your needs.